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Sunnydale Academy


Sunnydale Academy (SA) is a online educational institute situated in GTA, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada, which is subsidiary online school of Marvel Education Scenes International Corporation (MES), mainly provide Ontario course system to all over the world. Our school aims at helping students achieve excellence in education and prepare students for university admissions.


How does it work?


Students may enroll any day of the year and begin their course(s) within 24 hours of registration (Note: registrations that occur on holidays will be enrolled on the next day). Students have up to 18 months to complete each course. This model allows students to work at their own pace and to create their own schedules. All students are eligible to take courses with SA. Permission from the student’s main school of registration is not required.



  • All courses are developed and provided by SA with its qualified teachers and our management team. In addition to the support, we are also holding video courses broadcasting include access to free online tutoring.

  • 所有课程均由太阳谷学院合格的教师团队和管理团队开发和提供,除了课程支持,我们还不定期举办课程直播,包括免费在线辅导。

Final Exams/最终考试

  • Students may finish their courses and write their final exams online any day of the year from anywhere in the world.

  • 学生可以在一年中的任何一天在世界任何地方在线完成他们的课程和期末考试。

Course Materials/课本

All online course content and assessments exist within our secure learning environment. No textbooks are required.


Academic Integrity/ 学术诚信

  • We maintain the highest academic standards for education and have a firm commitment to academic integrity and honesty.

  • 我们严格遵守最高学术标准,秉承学术诚信。

Our commitment to student support

With the growing trend of virtual schools voices parental concerns about inadequacy of student support. We assure you that despite of the digitalization of classes, we provide students with easy access to academic support.
We value students’ feedback on our quality of teaching. We encourage students to reach out to us anytime regarding concerns of any kind. We interact with students across different media, ranging from emails to various platforms.




We care about learning experience

We’ve been trying to upgrade our teaching system so that the most satisfactory academic results can be achieved.

At SA, material is delivered through various media and is accessible to students at any given time – what you need is internet connection.

We believe that through giving students freedom to study at their own pace is a vital element of academic success – this teaching model not only conveniences students in terms of material accessibility but can also help students with time management skills.
Please be assured that the selection of media for the purpose of teaching is carefully made and the utilization of media for the purpose of teaching is not against the policies set by the Ministry of Education.






Going beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar model

  • Register and start learning anywhere at any time;
  • Flexible course schedule with self-paced learning process;
  • High quality multimedia instruction;
  • Dynamic and concise video lessons;
  • Experienced and supportive teachers;
  • Feedback and Assessment that is meaningful and timely;
  • Certificateaccepted by Canada Online School.
  • 随时随地注册开始学习;
  • 灵活的课程安排,自主掌握学习进度;
  • 优质多媒体教学;
  • 动态简洁的视频课程;
  • 有经验和支持的教师;
  • 有意义、及时的反馈和评估;
  • 加拿大在线学校承认学生的课程完成证书